Tips and Tricks For Parents Using Bambino!

Our mission is to help you find a trusted neighborhood sitter,
whenever and wherever you need one.

Here's how Bambino works. 

Parent networking with sitters.png


Connect with nearby parents and parent-recommended sitters with just a few taps.
Read sitter profiles and reviews other parents have written about them.
Save sitters to your favorites for easy, one-tap booking.

Parent select a sitter.png


Select your date and time, request as many sitters as you'd like, then confirm an available one. 
Bambino can help by finding you an available Suggested Sitter who wasn't included in your original request. Check them out and confirm if it works for you!

Messaging parent perspective.png


Message right through the app with a sitter you've requested to ask a question or check in on how the kids are doing.

Parent sit in progress.png


We track the time while you're away. At the end of the sit, you or your sitter will stop the timer and you'll confirm (or adjust) the hours, then pay right through the app. NO CASH EVER!

Find. Book. Pay.

Bambino is Babysitting Made Easy!