A College Student's Back-to-Campus Plan with Bambino

So you've built a sweet little babysitting business and want to take it with you when you head back-to-college!
Here's how (in two options)

If you want to KEEP EARNING $$ while you're at college, do this:

1. Update your address in the app - it's under "profile" in "my account". Change it so it reflects your new college address. (Make sure you hit SAVE) 
This is important so that parents who live near campus can find and request you! And you can keep earning $$ while you're at school!

If you don't want to keep earning $$ while you're at college, do this:

2. Set your account to "Vacation Mode" (also in "my account") for the time while you are away at school so you don't get sit requests. When you're home on breaks, simply turn off vacation mode.
This is important because if you're not on vacation mode, you'll still get sit requests from your hometown even while you're away. This is annoying for you and frustrating for the parents when they can't book you.