Bambino Helps You Find an Available Babysitter with Suggested Sitters

Every once in a while none of the babysitters that a parent requests are available. But that doesn't stop you from having plans and needing to get out! 

This is where Bambino helps with Suggested Sitters. Bambino will help fulfill your request by finding an available sitter who is similar (in age, experience, rate, etc.) to the ones you've already requested. You'll get a text saying that we found a sitter for you. Hooray! Then, you can check out the profile, rating, and reviews for this sitter and decide whether they'll work for you. If so, just confirm and you'll be ready to go!

No plans cancelled. No extra shuffling. Bambino to the rescue. We're just glad when we can help.

Bambino Helps with Suggested Sitters.png