Summer Reading Sets Kids Ahead

What's one of the most important things your kids can do this summer?


Research consistently shows that if kids don’t read over the summer months, they can lose significant ground in their reading ability.  But, kids who have access to books and read through the summer gain strength as readers and move ahead in their ability and level!

Here are a few ideas to encourage Summer Reading

  • Visit the library once or twice a week!
  • Give your kids a summer reading journal. (Many library summer reading programs provide these)
  • Encourage your kids to pack books in their camp trunks and suitcases.
  • Leave stacks of books and interesting magazines around the house.
  • Have a weekly family reading/writing time.
  • Read books out loud to your kids, even when they're old enough to read themselves. 

Bambino wants to put books in the hands of your kids!

Complete 10 bookings with a Bambino Babysitter of your choice before July 15th, and we'll send you a new release of your choosing.

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