Coming very soon are some really important app updates.

In-app messaging: In the latest version of the Bambino app, there will be the ability for parents and sitters to message one another straight through the app. No more switching between platforms, now the parent can check in right through the messaging feature in the app. Need to stay out later? No problem. Just touch messages and clear it with your sitter. 

Simplified booking: Along with a new look and feel, the booking process has been simplified. Through easy quick-glance homescreens, a parent can see when sitters have responded, if it's necessary to add more sitters to a request, or when it's time to confirm a sitter and firm-up your plans for your night out. On the sitter homescreen, sitters can see what booking requests are still pending, details about upcoming sits, and if they've missed out on any opportunities by failing to respond quickly. 

Sitter starts and stops the clock: Beginning soon, it will be in the sitter's hands to stop the clock at the end of a sit.  The clock will still start automatically at the designated time, and from now on the sitter will stop the clock when the parent returns, then submits the hours for confirmation. The parent will confirm the hours and make adjustments if necessary. Then payment still happens straight through the app and a parent has a chance to rate their sitter every single time.

We will alert you when it's time to update your app.

In the meantime, rest assured that we are constantly improving so that you can find a trusted sitter whenever you need one; making at least one part of parenting easier than it once was.