Tips for Successful Spring Break Packing!

Aaah, Spring Break.  You've booked your flight, chosen the hotel, now all you have to do is get there!  

Follow these 5 packing tips to get you on your way!

  1. Pack for five days, no more:  Regardless of how long you'll be getting away, you should pack clothes with five days in mind.  There are always ways to wash and dry clothes, even if it's just in the hotel sink.
  2. Use packing cubes:  This will help you keep what you pack to a minimum, and contain it nicely.  It's been suggested that, for any length of trip, adults can pack in two packing cubes while children get one cube each.
  3. Go for monochromatic:  You've heard it before but I'll say it again, take clothes that mix and match.  Especially if you have kids who like to dress themselves.  Pack them clothes that will match regardless of the top and bottom they pick out.
  4. Remember the sunscreen and medications for the kids:  You never know what will happen on the road and finding a pharmacy in a strange town isn't often convenient or easy.
  5. Print your itinerary in multiples:  In each piece of luggage, include a copy of your complete intinerary including dates, flights, hotel addresses, and your home address.  If your luggage gets lost, this could help it find its way to you.

Now get out of here and have some fun!!