Bambino Hires Sara Snow as Head of Marketing

Just when most people were planning their Thanksgiving trips and menus, Sara Snow was taking a short break from running her daughter's elementary school book fair to rearrange her schedule beginning the following week in order to allow time for her new role as Chief Marketing Officer of Bambino.  

Snow, a former Pacific Palisadian, where Bambino first launched, first met founder Sean Greene, when he introduced himself to his new neighbors, the Snows, and his daughter started babysitting for the family.

The irony of this is not lost on the duo who now work on opposite coasts since Sara and her family moved from the Palisades to Connecticut, just outside of New York City, a year and a half ago.  Both Sean and Sara have felt the angst and struggle of trying to find a sitter and exhausting all of their personal networks.  It was during such a frustrating experience, knowing that there must be available sitters in his neighborhood but having no way of reaching them, that Greene first started the company.  

We could not be more excited to have Sara join our team. As an active mom of young children herself, she understands what our core users deal with on a day-to-day basis, and for the better part of two decades she’s been speaking to this audience in a variety of manners. By joining our team, she validates our mission, which is to ease the burden on busy parents by providing access to short term childcare whenever and wherever they need it.
— Sean Greene, CEO and Founder of Bambino.

Sara is an Emmy-award winning TV producer and news anchor as well as former host of multiple national series on green and environmentally-friendly living.  Snow is also an author, frequent public speaker and media contributor, having been seen on CNN, The New York Times, Good Morning America, The Early Show, as well as numerous monthly magazines. Snow has also served as brand spokesperson and helped launch campaigns for Johnson & Johnson, Clorox, Lipton, Whirlpool, Reynolds Wrap, Physician’s Formula, Softlips, and many others

I am thrilled to be joining the Bambino team. As a mom myself, I’ve personally felt the angst and struggle of finding a sitter on any given night of the week and am thrilled with the cutting-edge solutions coming out of Bambino Technologies. I’ve spent my career speaking to moms about better, healthier and simpler ways to do things, and I’m really happy to now be talking about one that takes a lot of the leg work out of something we all deal with on a week-to-week basis.
— Sara Snow

Sara is on the board of advisors for Thrive Market and Vitamin Angels and works closely with a number of health and sustainability non profits including the Environmental Working Group, Healthy Child Healthy World, and The Organic Center. Sara, her husband, and their two girls moved from the Palisades to Connecticut, just outside of New York City, a little over a year ago.  

Snow will help lead the expansion into markets outside of Southern California as well.