Featured Sitter: Kylie

Kyle has been a part of the Bambino community since we launched last year, she is constantly optimistic, always interested in learning more, and motivated to help those around her succeed. She studies at UCLA and grew up in the Pacific Palisades, she’s currently studying communications and enjoys watching children for her neighbors on the weekends.

  • What are your favorite activities to do when you’re sitting?

I love staying creative and making sure that we always have new and fun things to do when I get to spend time with the kids, whether that be painting, reading books, or running around in the yard, we’re always active!

  • When did you first start babysitting?

I had younger siblings growing up and started sitting while in high-school in this community, while I’ve moved onto college and am studying for a career, I love spending time with kids, and even if it’s part time, I don’t want to stop!

  • What is your favorite hobby?

When I’m not working, studying, or spending time outdoors, I love making jewelry for my friends and family members.

  • What programs/activities are you involved with in the community?

Aside from sitting I also coach soccer for preschoolers in the area, it’s the perfect combination of being around kids and staying active!

  • What are some “secret” sitter tips you can share?

As a sitter you have to remember that their time with you is meant to be fun and exciting, keep it fun with new activities and projects!